Burleigh 7k ‘F’ set

For Sale: £725

This is an older 7 key Burleigh ‘F’ set in good playing order – a great set to get started on or as a transition from a hire set. The chanter is numbered 1105 which dates to the mid 1980‘s and the wood is possibly cocobolo. The drones are blackwood and in the standard Burleigh pattern with a single tuning bead on the ‘big G’ drone. Although all the components parts are by David Burleigh, the drones & chanter were not produced together, they are however ‘matched’ parts in terms of age and style. They were each found languishing in various boxes and with a little TLC have made a good marriage. There are a couple of ‘extras’ as well; the set comes with an interchangeable stock – meaning that the chanter is easily unplugged and another chanter can be used and the bag has also been upgraded.

Sets of this age always come some wear & tear – there are however a couple of specific cosmetic ‘faults’ that you should be aware of. The lower decoration on the chanter has a significant ‘chip’ missing – this can be seen in the photos. The brass slider tube on the large G drone has been replaced as the original had failed. The chanter foot is also a replacement and does not match the orange-ish (aged catalin) of the drone ends. None of these affect the playability or musicality of the set.

This is a fully working & reeded set complete with bellows, blue velvet bag cover and standard Burleigh pattern case. The chanter plays brightly in traditional ‘F+’ and the keys all respond well – the drones are strong and steady.

Price: £725 + postage

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