Wannies Yomp – 2020

A slightly bonkers boxing day tradition for Northumbrian Pipers is Wannies Yomp. Whatever the weather pipers gather at the top of Great Wanney crag at a sensible and not very strict ‘mid morning’ and play a few tunes – not the least of which is of course the “Wild Hills of Wannies”.

This year was no exception – although the post Wanney session in a local pub was definitely not on the menu. Numbers were sorely depleted with COVID restrictions – but one fool was up there in the gale:

Wild Hills of Wannies

The weather always clears the head – this was definitely one of the windier ones and playing was only really possible tucked down in the mini stell this year!

Wanney’s Yomp – Boxing Day silliness

Here’s a piece of ritual silliness that is the annual Wanney’s Yomp – when pipers from far and wide gather on top of Great Wanney crag in central Northumberland to play tunes, share cake and see whose fingers drop off first. As ever, we gathered on 26th of December about here: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=393110&Y=583280&A=Y&Z=120


This year’s play list included amonst others: The Cold Night’s of Winter, Herd on the Hill, Bonny at Morn & Wild Hills of Wanney. After playing some tunes, we headed off to the local pub – the Gun Inn at Ridsdale for some warmth, beer and lots more music.