Based in the North Tyne valley in Northumberland, Rob is a superb exponent of the Northumbrian Smallpipes and the English Concertina. Surrounded from childhood by music, he started playing concertina at the age of sixteen and picked up the pipes soon after. His repertoire and musicality is firmly grounded in the vibrant traditional music of the North East of England.

Rob can be found playing solo or with the Wall Star Village Band at numerous local dances, village suppers or evening entertainments in Northumberland.

In addition to music, his day job involves explaining how to solve problems with ‘computers and stuff’. Appropriate solutions he has created have included ‘The specification is wrong’,’send it by courier’ & ‘phone them up’ – as well as building a very resilient high volume integrated solutions.

Occasionally computers and music get mixed up – and the Northumbrian Smallpipes Simulator got built.

He is not on facebook.