Sold: Shaw 10k NSP (concert G)

This set is now sold.

Here’s a concert pitch set of Northumbrian Smallpipes made by Dave Shaw. Chanter & drones are Lignum Vitae, metalwork is brass. It’s a 10 keyed chanter with the standard 7 + F naturals and a middle B flat key; four drones with tuning beads and standard Shaw stoppers. The original rubberised bag has been replaced with leather – bellows are all original. The belt & bellows outlet as fitted are intended for a smaller person but these are easily changed. Fully reeded, full playing condition – soft case carrying case.

Fully reeded & in full playing condition – I’ve been playing this set for the last year or so having snapped my main ‘G’ chanter! I’ll have this set at ECMW (end of June) and at Rothbury Traditional Music Festival (mid July) amongst other places.

Price: £950 + delivery

Location: West Northumberland – and occasionally elsewhere

Contact me to buy or for more details.

SOLD: Fred Morrison SSP A+D Combo (Reduced)

no longer available – pipes have been sold

Here’s a set of Scottish Smallpipes for sale that came along with a set of NSP I am sorting out. It’s a Fred Morrison combination set in A & D (very useful) – bellows blown, blackwood, plain mounting, fully reeded (Ezee drones I think).

What you get with this combination set is:

  • Drones & chanter – key of D
  • Drones & chanter – key of A
  • Leather Bag with interchangeable stocks (blue velvet cover)
  • Bellows + Case

The drones and chanters are rock steady and the whole thing has hardly been played at all. There are no signs of wear, no taping and no modification; both chanters are clearly stamped. I can’t say they’re ‘as new’ because I don’t know the history but they look as close it as any set I’ve ever seen.

Price: £1050 + delivery (~2/3 of new list price)

Location: Northumberland & occasionally elsewhere (ask!)

Contact me to buy or for more details