Old Year’s Night – 30th Dec 2012, Wall Village

Old Year's Night Poster

Update: Now sold out – wait list on returns

The ever popular annual village night out returns as anticipated & expected on the 30th December – “Old Year’s Night” is an evening of Northumbrian Music, Songs & Stories that continues to feature some of the best of local performers. Supper will be a Bring and Share affair to start the evening and then we’ll get going with the entertainment as soon as people have eaten and we can clear a little space.

I’ll be hosting and throwing in a few tunes and will be able to introduce yet another fine of talent who have been persuaded to come and perform this year:

  • Singer, Storyteller & Musician Johnny Handle – a simply masterful entertainer
  • Andy May – nothing short of a musical genius on the pipes
  • As local & as popular as can be; singer and storyteller Graham Dick

Tickets are just £7 and everything starts at 7.30pm in Wall Village Hall. Contact me if you’d like more information / tickets. (Advance booking is essential!)

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