6th Hexham Piper’s Gathering – May 11th-13th 2012

After visits to Seattle in the US and Blankenheim, Germany time for some more piping back at home:

  • 18th April, Gun Inn, 8pm
  • 26th April, Presentation for the Village Society, Wall Village Hall, 7.30pm
  • 28th April, Hexham Farmer’s Market (morning)
  • 11-13th May, Hexham Piper’s Gathering

The Hexham Piper’s Gathering is now in it’s 6th year and is a regular fixture on the 2nd weekend in May. There’ll be a session in the Abbey undercroft on Friday night, workshops throughout Saturday, informal ceilidh on Saturday evening in the Moot Hall and a follow up session at the Dipton Mill Pub (great food) on the Sunday.

Andrew Davison is organising this one and there’s more details and booking forms over at the Northumbrian Piper’s Society or contact me for for more details.

Hexham Piper’s Gathering – May 7th

My local piping event – the Hexham piper’s gathering is fast approaching. Session on Friday night in the Abbey undercroft (trad F pitch), group playing during the day on Saturday followed by an  evening concert and dance. There’ll be a follow up sesison at the Dipton Mill Pub on the Sunday but I don’t think I’ll mkae it this year.

Blankenheim Piping Course

As musical interests go – Northumbrian Piping is unsurprisingly fairly geographically limited …  to Northumberland.There are a fair number of pipers out there around the world and there a couple of annual gatherings in the US as well as a week long course in Germany.

25th-30th  April – the Blankenheim Bordunale is a fantastic event – French pipes, hurdy gurdy, song, dance as well as Northumbrian pipes. I met up with Ruprecht Niepold last year- he plays the cornemuse, a Baroque relative of the Northumbrian pipes. The plan is to play some duets together since we’re the instruments are both effectively in ‘old pitch’.

I always look forward to travelling there, the mix of languages is great and the people are a joy to be with. I also get to relearn the mazurka…