Welcome to the Dene

Welcome to the DeneOver the last few years I’ve been dematerialising all of my CDs, tapes & LPs and putting them on to a media server. Aside from being a wonderful way of finding things you’d forgotten about, it also means that I can access a lot of old recordings that have never been made available in digital formats.

One of the tapes I’ve been protecting and hence listened to sparingly over the years was ‘Welcome to the Dene’ – a full length recording of legendary Northumbrian fiddler Willie Taylor that is sadly now completely unavailable. Having added it to my library; the biggest challenge was to get the album cover – I’ve managed to find images for all but a handful of my older recordings online – and I did draw a blank with this one. So here’s a decent scan of the front (squared) and a full scan of the insert for anyone else who is looking for it.

Welcome To The Dene - Tape Insert