Thomas Murdy – Part 2

More information found on Violin Maker Thomas Murdy of Embleton.

In all of the instruments I know of, the label inside says “Thomas Murdy 18XX Embleton”. The intriguing thing about the label is that the printed “Embleton” is obviously added over the top of something else. I haven’t managed to get to the label itself but what I have found is an earlier reference to a violin at a different location: “Repairers label for Thomas Murdy, Lowick South Moor”

Lowick is about 20 miles north of Embleton

I’ve also had chance to look at later edition of Plowrights and he’s obviously seen some more examples between 1991 and 2004:

“.. violins well made with strongly raised edges, well figured woods and covered with a thin red or brown varnish. An example dated 1893 … 1893 … 1888 …”

All but one are made to a long pattern (~363mm) which is not the ideal for violin dealers and orchestral players where the muscle memory for high positition is based on a dimensioned instrument . For traditional fiddlers; the sound and response of the individual instrument is generally more important than hitting precise string positions all the way up the fingerboard and that means more sound for your money!