For Sale: Wheatstone Aeola Concertina (Sold)

no longer available – Concertina is sold

Offered for sale is a Wheatstone Aeola Treble concertina (#27864)

  • 48 keys, 6 fold bellows, steel reeds, brass mounts, concert pitch, lovely tone, original leather case
  • Original manufacture: May 8th, 1919 (Wheatstone Ledger Entry)
  • Refubished: 2009 by that nice Mr Gibb @ theboxplace – incl pads, valves, thumbstraps & retuning

The concertina came to me (~2008) from a lady who was sorting out her grandfathers effects – the only history I have is “he’d had it all his life” – but I doubt that was from new. You can see in the photos that the fretwork has slots for bowing levers. There is no mechanism and indeed there are no airholes in the actionboard base or the reedpan (i.e. it was built like this). Leather case is OK for storage but I’d recommend a new case if you’re you going to be taking it out.

It’s an excellent player – classic Aeola versatility, ready to go and just looking for the right person to make beautiful music with.

Price: £2700 incl UK delivery

Location: Northumberland & occasionally elsewhere (ask!)

Contact me to buy or for more details

Re-released as Digital Download!

It’s just over two years since Veteran Records release my CD: O’er Lang at the Fair. Traditional music is very much a niche musical audience; physical CDs are still very much the norm and I’ve probably met a fair number of the people who’ve bought the CD (thank you!).

Through the wonders of modern technology and by properly keeping up with music cataloguing standard, John has now made the whole of his catalogue available as digital downloads. All of this means you can now find me on loads of digital download services:, emusic, amazon (and also once the catalogues update:, itunes, napster)

John is also distributing the recordings from the sadly short lived Kyloe Records label – on which you can find the marvellous Andrew & Margaret Watchorn (Lecchemede) and the virtuso playing of Mr Chris Ormston on ‘Time Out of Mind’ . Sadly the Kyloe recordings aren’t available just yet – fingers crossed we’ll be able to keep these recordings available.

Concertina – Blankenheim, Germany

Those lovely people in Germany invited me over to the Blankenheim Osterbordunale again this year. It’s a great week with expert tuition in French pipes, Hurdy Gurdy, Song, Button Accordian and Dance. I was there principally to play and teach the smallpipes .. but then they discovered I played Concertina. My good friend Wim Dictus (Button Accordian, Guitarist, Singer and outstandingly good dancer!) managed to capture a couple of the sets from the Friday concert and offered to put them up – so here’s Caller Herrin’.

It’s a tune attributed to Nathaniel Gow and the song incorporates the fish wives calls to buy the fresh fish and the carillon of the bells in town (still working on those!) It’s been around in Northumbrian piping circles for a long time and morphed in to a fine air – some of the other versions on youtube are really quite different.

There’s another excerpt of a set of mine at the same concert which you should be able to get to from this one – thanks Wim!