Piping: Home & Away matches

A couple of public music events coming up quite soon – both of which should be quite qood fun.

First up is a ‘home’ gig – Monday 19th May¬† 7.30 at St Michaels Church in Wark. A good friend of mine (a fine moothie player and composer of tunes) is hosting a musical evening with ‘Cross the Wanneys’, the local choral society are putting in a turn and I’m looking forward to getting a few tunes out on the pipes.

Shortly after that at the end of June (27th-29th), it’s off to Winster in Derbyshire for the English Country Music Weekend which is always a joyous affair and I’ll be putting in a couple of turns over the weekend and on the Saturday evening ceilidh. It’s a beautifully low-key & informal event and with a rare concentration of trad musical magic – visit the ECMW pages or you can find them on Facebook.