The full line-up is rarely seen outside of the Wall village events where the band first came together. For the other parties, weddings and special events we usually go out as either a three or four piece depending on availability and the size of the event.
Rob started playing English Concertina over 15 years ago and soon developed a rhythmic style of playing well suited to 'North Country' dance music. In addition to playing the concertina, Rob is also a fine Northumbrian piper having won numerous Open competitions and taught on courses around the country. He has recently released a CD of his music
Richard's melodeon playing has long been renowned in the North East. He takes great care in matching tunes to dances and uses his knowledge of the dances to generate just the right lift and excitement required. He has played with a number of highly respected bands (including Sergeant Minors & La Toque Bleu).
Ali has been dancing since early childhood and playing music for nearly as long. Starting out playing in her Dad's dance band on recorder, she picked the fiddle up as her fourth intrument and hasn't looked back since. She plays with a dancer's rhythm and has vast experience of many dance styles.
Another musician surrounded by dance music since his early years, Will is a superb piano player and performs in a number of settings.

and a cast of extras ..
A variety of other people appear with the Wall Stars depending on availability and the specific events. This includes: Phil (fiddle/guitar), Beth (fiddle), Chip (guitar) & Rebecca (clogs!)